CAD presents key milestones of innovation for environmental entrepreneurs

On the 6th and 7th of October 2011, CAD participated at the 3rd Green Business Conference in İstanbul presenting the key milestones needed to promote innovation for sustainable development and defined the challenges as well as the great opportunities for environmental entrepreneurs.

The 3rd Green Business Conference took place at the Swiss Hotel The Bosphorus, of İstanbul, sharing best practices about laws and regulations, standards, innovations, best practices, production and services, management systems as well as designs needed to promote a new global philosophy based on sustainability. Companies like Vodafone, BASF, Schneider Electric, Unilever, Vitra or Grundfos; NGOs such as Greenpeace Mediterranean as well as public and international organizations participated at the conference sharing their views of the key challenges that need to be addressed concerning sustainability, energy efficiency & management, low carbon economy, climate change, smart buildings and renewable energy projects.

Claiming that the formation of a business model based on a sustainable future to accelerate the transition to Low Carbon Economy is inevitable, participants at the conference emphasized how a transition to a sustainable economy is now a strategic priority and, as a brand value, creates competitive advantage for corporations. Many examples of low-carbon technologies were presented, particularly, the use of clean energy technologies, energy and water-saving technologies as initial and leading steps that countries with a low-carbon green growth plan need to have.

The WBCSD presented the Turkey 2050 Vision report framing the different scenarios Turkey will face in the coming 40 years aiming at a sustainable future. Several companies presented their key challenges when addressing such issues and GfK Turkiye presented the results of the Green Consumption survey that shed light to the different consumer segment attitudes and the different strategies needed to find ways to increase green consumption.
Fernando Casado, Director of CAD, presented the key milestones needed to promote innovation for sustainable development and highlighted the challenges and opportunities environmental entrepreneurs are facing transforming production and consumption patterns.

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