The state of play in sustainability reporting in the EU - European Commission

Defines the state of the art of sustainability reporting in the EU. The Commission’s study (implemented through CREM and Adelphi) on the state of play in sustainability reporting in the EU, illustrates how companies deal with CSR reporting in practice.


Organization: European Comission
Country/Region: European Union
Key Areas: Sustainable development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Author(s): Wensen, Katelijne van; Wijnand Broer; Johanna Klein and Jutta Knopf

Companies report because it enhances their reputation, although it can increase their costs. The challenge lies in selecting what to report on, how sensitive different data are, how to organise content, and how to correctly pitch quality. The research reveals that readers of CSR reporting look for a genuine attempt by companies to honestly and realistically portray their CSR activities, in a way that helps readers assess the sustainability of the company’s activities.

The study finds that readers needs are best met when:

• reporting is regulated
• CSR reporting is integrated with financial reporting
• stakeholders are more involved in reporting.

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