The Impact of the private sector on children's rights in Mali

Mapping and analysis of the private sector with the aim of increasing the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the promotion of children´s rights


Organization: UNICEF
Country/Region: Africa
Key Areas: Corporate Social Responsability (CSR), Poverty Eradication, Partnerships for Development

Author(s): Casado Cañeque, Fernando; García Serna, Paula; Jochaud, Philippe

The study identifies CSR related best practices for child protection on a global scale. It investigates initiatives implemented by companies in Mali, as well as their perception of the problems that children are facing. Finally, it analyzes how the companies could meet the needs of the children and at the same time be economically sustainable by carrying out innovative business activities. Based on this research and analysis, CAD experts developed a strategic plan for the set-up of a coalition of the private sector with the aim to improve living conditions of the children of Mali by coordinating the activities of the different enterprises.

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Photo Credit: UNICEF