We are not ants. A book about us, humans.

We Are Not Ants! is a guide book for the well-informed optimist. A book against the current zeitgeist of pessimism and world-weariness in 3 chapters.

Author: Casado Cañeque, Fernando; Creus, Javier; Juncadella, Paul; Obermaier, Doris
Editorial: Random House Mondadori
Date: 2011

Summary of the book:

We Are Not Ants is a guide for informed optimists of this world. A book against the general opinion. An optimistic and documented vision about the state of humanity in three chapters.

Chapter One: The world goes well: Humans have made ​​incredible progress in many areas in recent decades: we live longer, we are able to feed more, educate more, we have eradicated many diseases that were once fatal and we are more solidary.

Chapter Two: What is not going on: Many will say that this is not enough and that humans have not been able to solve major social challenges. It’s true. But we are doing better than we think and what pessimists would like us to believe.

Chapter Three: What you can do: The world is full of social innovators, the people who create ideas and tools that allow us all to live better, in a more sustainable manner and with more opportunities for all without compromising progress. If you want to know how and what you can do to live according to your ideals you will find a selection of 120 ways in the book and in that web.

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