Promoting Tools for SME Development

CAD is providing consultancy services to the IFC SME Toolkit, an online platform that supports SMEs all over the world to improve their business performance.

The free website ( provides SMEs with more than 40.000 business forms, tools and trainings related to Accounting & Finance, International Business, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, Legal & Insurance, Operations, and Technology. Additionally a content management tool allows local partners in more than 30 countries to locally manage and adapt the website and the content to their needs and languages. CAD is supporting the IFC by providing training to local SME business providers on the use of the toolkit and is developing a result measurement tool that measures the improvements that SMEs are experiencing through the use of the toolkit.
CSR and sustainability content for SMEs is a raising demand all over the world, which the Toolkit is currently not covering. CAD, with its wide range of experience on CSR and sustainability issues, is developing and adapting the content for the Toolkit website related to this important topic.
Another pressing issue for the toolkit is the promotion of user engagement, to bring the Toolkit into the web 2.0 reality. To promote user engagement CAD partnered with Haiku Media, a Barcelona based marketing agency. Jointly they are implementing a social media strategy in a number of different countries, such as Nigeria, India and Mexico.

For an example please see the Facebook site of the Toolkit in Nigeria: Facebook

See SME Toolkit website