Fulfilling Objectives: Designing policies to achieve the MDGs

Study addressing the policies designed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The book analyzes the potentials and limits of the Millennium Development Goals and the actions to undertake in order to achieve them.

Authors:  Casado Cañeque, Fernando; Fernández-Ardavíb, Ana; García, Isabel; Goded, Mónica; Herfkens, Evelyn; Manzanedo, Cristina; Postigo, Diego; Steinberg, Federico
Editorial: Editorial enthimema
Year: 2007

Summary of the book:

Study addressing the potential and limits of the Millennium Development Goals, and an analysis of the actions that must be taken to achieve them. Without forgetting that the goal is achievable, we provide guidelines to resume the right way to avoid delays. This book was written with the assistance of Ana Fernandez-Ardavín, Isabel Garcia, Monica Goded, Eveline Herfkens, Manzanedo Cristina, Diego Postigo and Federico Steinberg.

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