Corporate Social Responsibility: A View from Spain to Latin America

Edited by Ramón Jáuregui with the participation of Spanish experts on CSR, in which Fernando Casado participated with a chapter called “The shortcomings of CSR.”

Author: Casado Cañeque, Fernando
Editorial: Random House Mondadori
Date: 2005

Summary of the book:

A Document that exemplifies the advantages of implementing socially responsible practices in the community through case studies.
The book analyzes trends in international and national CSR, with a focalization on implementing CSR strategies of Spanish companies in Latin America. One of the main conclusions drawn about them; “that enterprises are the figurehead of our country in Latin America and in most of the world. Today the image of Spain is represented by big Spanish multinationals operating in 30 or 40 countries, developing social and labor policies, environmental and economic conditions that are evaluated by millions of people (customers, suppliers, media…).

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