Private Public concertation for the development of Latin America

The following working paper is the result of the second Spanish Iberoamerican Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility: Partnerships for Development.

Author: Casado Cañeque, Fernando
Editorial: Published by CeALCI Working Papers (Fundación Carolina – CeALCI)
Date: 2008

Summary of the book:

This book outlines, in a global scale, the various initiatives and visions with regards to public-private partnership towards development, and assesses what would be the most appropriate mechanisms for Spanish companies and the industry of Spanish cooperation so they could have a positive impact on development objectives in Latin America.

Working in public-private partnerships for development is a relatively new task, it requires a modification of the way institutions and development groups work and therefore, it requires time to become more aware and constant. It is the only way to apprehend the implementation strategies and promote a continuous improvement process for making progress in the right direction.

As seen in the various chapters of this book, alliances may not only have great potential for development in Latin America and Spain, but they can become a strategic instrument of social cohesion that efficiently promotes the inclusion of citizenship in a global society, becoming the future of development policies and therefore transform the culture of collaboration.

To do so, we must rethink the very concept of leadership and assess what kind of leaders and institutional instruments are required to convert the pivotal elements of alliances in a new model of cooperation, more efficient, more effective and more solidary.

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