Business development in low-income countries. Business growth and social development.

This study examines how to integrate the community of the so called base of the pyramid into an inclusive business model across the value chain. It has been published by Mango RSC Chair, Working paper No. 5. Ed ESCI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.


Organization: Laboratorio Base de la Pirámide
Country/Region: Africa, Latin America, Europe
Key area: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Inclusive Business, Base of the Pyramid,Poverty eradication, Millennium Goals

Author(s): Casado Cañeque, Fernando; Lariu, A., Sánchez, P. & others

This study by the Laboratory of the Base of the Pyramid discusses how to integrate communities at the base of the pyramid in business models across the value chain. The study proposes an evaluation methodology to quantify the impact of these new inclusive business models for both business performance as well as for the communities at the base of the pyramid. This methodology has  been applied in different business cases that have helped improve the lives of low-income population in different regions of the world: Unilever, BBVA Microfinance Foundation and BSH.

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