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Promotion of Public
Private Partnerships in
Industrial Zones in

GIZ promotes the sustainable management of industrial zones in Tunisia and asks CAD to identify the potential for Public Private Partnerships to improve the services in these zones

In Tunisia, GIZ is promoting an improved enabling environment for industrial development through the strengthening of industrial zones. Currently, Tunisia holds 121 industrial zones that are drivers for economic growth, fostering regional and local development in the country. However, more than 2/3 of Tunisian industrial zones lack adequate maintenance systems and infrastructure. Because of this, GIZ aims to assist the stakeholders of industrial zones to improve the zone’s management.

One possibility to promote a better service environment in the industrial zones is the delivery of services through the private sector. GIZ has identified a number of existing areas where business opportunities are not currently being tapped.

To successfully support industrial zones and the private sector in the development of those services, which include areas as wide spread as waste management, the set- up of service centers, professional training services, etc., GIZ has asked CAD to support them in the development of a systematic Public Private Partnership Approach.

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