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Promoting Partnerships
for Development in Latin

CAD initiates a partnership with IBLF and ALIARSE to promote public-private partnerships in Latin America, and organizes the first workshop on strategic partnerships in Costa Rica

Through their strategic partnership, IBLF-The Partnering Initiative, ALIARSE and CAD have created a strategy for the promotion of public-private partnerships for development in Latin America. This strategy was launched in San José, Costa Rica, with the event “Sharing Management for Development” organized by the III Congress of Public-Private Partnerships. Fernando Casado, director of CAD, participated with a presentation about how conflicts in partnership management can be controlled. As part of the event, a Public-Private Partnership fair took place, where more than 100 projects of different public and private institutions, as well as social organizations were presented. Among others, highlights included projects organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, such as the “Intelligent Community Centers 2.0”, a community meeting space that aims to diminish the digital gap and develop e-learning and entrepreneurship, as well as other online services tailor-made for the needs of local communities. Another example was the “Club of Young Talents,” a programme for talented young people from the age of 14 onwards that promotes their innovations throughout their respective countries.

CAD, ALIARSE and TPI-IBLF also organized a workshop on the management of strategic partnerships for development, with the participation of several public institutions that seek to improve their partnership strategies with other organizations. The workshop had the following objectives:

• Understanding the conditions and requirements needed for the creation of partnerships, and the implied risks. When it is beneficial to create a partnership and when it is not.
• Understanding the barriers of partnership management, social roles, and the mentalities and attitudes of each sector.
• Clarifying the difference between a mere collaboration and a real partnership, and in which cases it is appropriate to create either one or the other.
• Learning about basic guidelines, challenges and success factors of a potential effective partnership.
• Understanding what is needed to be a good partner in the context of a strategic partnership, the development of tools, and the necessary mindset.
• Understanding how to reach agreements, and also implement, monitor and evaluate partnerships successfully.
• Familiarization with the life cycle of partnerships, the framework for partnership management.

The workshop was financed by the German international cooperation agency GIZ, El Financiero and Oiko Credit. At this time, CAD, ALIARSE and TPI-IBF are working to promote the workshop in the Latin American region and to create an official certification system for partnership management.

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