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Green Economy -
The holy grail for inclusive growth and employment generation?

CAD organizes a round table on Green Economy at the 5th edition of the Global Eco Forum in Barcelona in October

The Global Eco Forum is an international sustainability conference that promotes dialogue and interaction between different stakeholders, and is an important yearly event related to Green Economy and sustainability in the Euro Mediterranean region. The conference will take place on the 25th and 26th of October at La Pedrera (Barcelona).
Throughout the conference, CAD is going to organize a round table on the challenges of Green Economy for inclusive growth and employment generation, with the participation of several high level speakers from the Euro Mediterranean region. The round table will address the question whether Green Economy can be a strategy to tackle the ever increasing employment challenges worldwide - especially regarding young people. Participants from different sectors and regions will discuss Green Economy and its role in employment generation, provide good practices from Europe and developing countries, and discuss the challenges ahead of us.


For further information on the conference, please see: www.global-ecoforum.org or the following video: www.formacionporlasostenibilidad.org

If you are interested in receiving further information about the round table, please let us know at:
jklein@globalcad.org or register with the Global Eco Forum

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